Committed To Planet Earth

Sole n Soul is Committed To Planet Earth.


What exactly does this mean to you?


When I started Sole n Soul I was adamant I wanted to create a company that had limited impact on our beautiful planet.


When you visit Sole n Soul I make a promise to you and also the planet that I will always purchase (where possible) reusable/recyclable materials.  This ensures that your carbon footprint stays as low as possible whilst you are having your relaxation time.


This commitment is for all products used by Sole n Soul, I use refill stations for fabric softener, eco egg balls in my washing machine and even the tubs your wonderful Reflexology Balms come in are 100% compostable.


My energy supplier also provides me 100% renewable electricity so even when you are warm and toasty on the treatment bed, this is also being heated with as little destruction to the plant as possible.


I hope this makes you feel even better whilst you relax and enjoy your treatments.

 was something that was so important to me and I hope is important to you too.


There is no PLANet B xx