'After suffering a stroke, I was left paralysed down my left side. To ease the pain in my shoulder, arm and leg on that side it was suggested that Holistic Therapy might help. During my first appointment I relaxed so much I went to sleep and at the end I felt much better and for the first time in a long while I slept through the night. I realised the pain I was feeling was less intense and far more bearable.'
'It was obvious from the start of our reflexology treatments that Mel is very spiritual & uses this to enhance the overall treatment experience. she is very good at making you feel at ease & is easy to talk to. she genuinely cares about finding the root cause of hidden issues that may not have been thought of to put on the medical form. Mel gives off warmth that makes you feel like a friend rather than a client/patient. After 6 treatments the migraines my daughter visited Mel for have gone. We are going to track how long it is before any symptoms come back so we know how often to visit her to rebalance her body. There is no feeling from Mel that she expects you to continue with treatments. It is an overall relaxing and enjoyable experience.'
'I found Melanie when I was searching for treatment for lymphodoema. I signed up for 6 sessions and found each one a very calming, relaxing and helpful experience. Melanie puts you at ease as soon as you walk through the door and she has done a great job creating a little haven at the end of her garden. My lymphodoema improved considerably over the course of treatment and I no longer needed to wear my compression sleeve. I had no idea that reflexology could make such a profound difference. I'm just starting to have problems again with my arm 4 months after my last treatment so I shall have to come back soon!'
'I decided to try Reflexology to try and help me. I suffer with Anxiety and recently have had so many aches and pains (im 49!). My first visit I was very anxious and could not relax. My eyes were looking all round the lovely cabin that Melanie has, but I could not relax. Melanie could see this and helped me by asking me to close my eyes and think of the beach! At that very moment i could hear a seagull outside the cabin and I started to relax. I have had 5 sessions with Melanie and I have found it is making such a big difference. Its strange but I feel peaceful inside (if that makes sense) I feel I can deal with things so much better, my anxiety levels are low and I feel so much better in myself. I will definitely contine coming for Reflexology. Melanie is such a lovely lady. Would highly recommend'
'I had been to Sole n Soul twice after exploring reflexology after having it once before. I am glad I came across Sole n Soul, Melanie is friendly and welcoming and the treatment is magic, in the true sense of the word! In my first treatment I went in with a start of a cold, Melanie picked up on this when carrying out the treatment, worked her magic and the cold never came to anything. The treatment is relaxing and I have found this feeling lasts for days afterwards. Melanie’s work space is quiet, relaxing haven which adds to the whole experience of calm, which I think everyone could do with a bit of! Go get some reflexology, you won’t regret it!'
'Wow, felt like my entire body had been massaged after treatment and 2 weeks later troublesome excema much better. Definitely heading back after payday. Thank you'
'I had my 2nd session today. I just regret not knowing reflexology before. I highly recommend it to everyone. You must try a session with Melanie. She is amazing, sweet, patient and very professional. I gave a boost to my energy, my issues with menopause have reduced drastically, my lower back pain is more tolerable, hence I feel good with myself. During the session I completely relaxed and after it I feel I am floating. Thank you Melanie. See you next week.'
'The treatment from Sole n Soul was a huge benefit to my sciatica with my problems improving the next day at work'
'I would like to say how delighted I was with the treatment on my leg. I suffer badly with neuropathy and the relief I felt after the treatment from Sole n Soul was amazing'
'I highly recommend having Reflexology with Melanie; what a wonderfully relaxing experience. Her unique therapy room sets the perfect ambiance to totally escape and switch off from the world. Throughout the treatment, she is attentive and makes me feel at ease, giving suggestions on self-help for areas she has picked up on that could further benefit me. I always leave looking forward to my next visit!'
'I was very pleased with the way Melanie had the treatment room set up, the lighting was subtle but suitable and the background music was very relaxing. The room was obviously carefully set out to create a calm and peaceful scene. I had no previous knowledge of Reflexology and everything was explained well and I was put at ease. Mel was professional and methodical in her practice. I found the whole experience relaxing, enjoyable and Melanie was very knowledgeable. I have experienced pain relief immediately on my shoulder, which has amazed and pleased me very much. I would also like to state that there were regular reactions to the liver area on my foot and apart from drinking slightly too much wine each week I could not understand this. I have unfortunately been involved in a horse riding accident just last week so had to go to hospital. They performed a CT scan on my and it has shown up I have cysts in my liver area. Just goes to show what Reflexology shows up!'
'A very good Reflexology experience with Melanie. I thought her treatment room was lovely, very peaceful and welcoming. On darker days the lighting gave it a very warm feeling, and on sunny days the décor blended in beautifully with her garden. My Reflexology treatments were very relaxing and I was surprised at how many health issues Melanie picked up on. I felt quite energised after the treatments and as though I were walking on air which lasted into the next day.'
'Melanie is an amazing reflexologist and person! I have only had 3 sessions but the physical and mental benefits are clear, I’m booked in for the year!'
'Having only had Reflexology once before, I was interested to see what a course of treatments would be like. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions and learnt that it is not just a 'foot rub'. To feel the correlation between foot and body was totally eye opening and intriguing. My visits were always warm, welcoming and professional. The treatment cabin is a great little haven of tranquillity. I was very relaxed and wouldn't hesitate in returning or recommending.'
'I would like to say I found the whole Reflexology experience very relaxing. It gave me a feeling of serenity afterwards. I was quite sceptical at first but after experiencing the pain in my foot around the lung area when I had the nasty cough, my opinion changed. Although my cough wasn’t cured it certainly improved the next day. I found the log cabin a very tranquil space. It felt cosy and homely, very comfortable pillows and a warm fleece blanket, which made it very easy to lay back and relax.'
Lee Anne
'I have been coming to Mel for few weeks now and all I can say is WOWZER, amazing treatment very professional , beautiful setting and high standards of hygiene and safety . She makes you feel at ease throughout treatment, such a pleasurable experience and what a fab lady she is ❤️ HIGHLY RECOMMEND'
'I had an amazing reflexology session with Mel yesterday! I left feeling so relaxed and had a great night sleep after suffering with back pain for the last week or so. Mel was really flexible and saw me after work and the cabin in her garden is a great setting for the session. Through the session I felt myself relax more and more and felt like I could have easily drifted off to sleep - not what I was expecting from reflexology but a lovely surprise. Very professional and friendly service- I would highly recommend! 5*!'
'I have had four sessions to date of Reflexology from Sole n Soul. Melanie has a very professional manner and the treatment area has a wonderful ambience and is well lit. Prior to the treatments Melanie always ensures I am comfortable and warm. Melanie always puts me at ease and explains everything very well. I always leave my sessions feeling very relaxed.'
'I had my first reflexology with Mel on Saturday and I thoroughly enjoyed it. She is so good at her job. Makes you feel so welcome & relaxed. I have suffered with really awful pain in feet & ankles and after her session I just felt like I had new feet. No pain which to me was amazing. I would recommend her 100%. I will definitely be going back again soon.'
'Had the most amazing experience tonight, having reflexology. I felt so zoned out, that I even fell asleep at one point! Will definitely be returning - thanks Melanie!'
'I have had several sessions of reflexology in Melanie’s chalet and have found them to be very beneficial both physically and mentally. The whole experience from the friendly greeting to the beautifully appointed treatment room and the treatment itself transports one into a very relaxed state of mind. A good night’s sleep is also a bonus, I can definitely recommend this treatment from Melanie.'
'Went last week for taster session as I suffer from sciatica and this one session certainly helped. Have now enroled for more as result. Melanie is very good she makes you feel relaxed and is very friendly in her approach . Taking my other half as well now'
'I had my first ever reflexology session last week. Mel was professional, warm & explained exactly what was to happen. The treatment was in a lovely wood cabin in her garden The ambience with the music, light & candles made me feel very chilled. The treatment was incredibly relaxing. So much so that I couldn’t stop yawning when the session finished. That night I had the longest uninterrupted sleep I’ve had in quite some time. I was still yawning the next morning. I will definitely be back for more of the same!!'
'What a fantastic experience! Mel was brilliant. Very welcoming, relaxing, knowledgable and I feel all light and gooey and relaxed! Thank you very much Mel. I will be back 😃'
'Amazing amazing 10/10 and that’s just Mel...... reflexology is even more amazing and I fell asleep! Soooo relaxing x'
'Wow.... what can I say. Mel has amazing energy that makes you feel instantly relaxed. She really knows her stuff too, explaining after the treatment what areas you need to concentrate on. The reflexology itself I can only describe as a purely positive experience that effects your whole body. Highly recommend to anyone, whether you are feeling unwell or just to treat yourself, I’m booking in monthly now!'
'I would thoroughly recommend Mel for reflexology treatment. I found Mel very friendly, caring & knowledgeable. It was very relaxing and certainly helped my aches and pains. The ambiance in her summerhouse is the perfect setting - making the overall experience very chilled and enjoyable.'
I have been going to Sole n Soul for a few months now to help with my early pregnancy symptoms and I have nothing but positives to say. I enjoy treatments and whilst pregnant you are limited to what treatments you can have. I find it incredibly relaxing and sleep better for a few days afterwards. I also leave with more energy than I usually have, whilst being incredibly relaxed. I look forward to having some me time away from work, toddler and busy every day life. Would recommend to all!!


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