Postural Stability Research

The results showed that postural stability and postural sway were
significantly improved in experimental groups with open and closed eyes on both firm(hard) and foam surfaces. So,
these findings indicated that six weeks reflexology which may effect on proprioceptive sense of one’s own body
position in space can lead to a better balance in elderly women with open and closed eyes.

Period Pain? Research

‘Considering the results of the study, reflexology was superior to Ibuprofen on reducing dysmenorrhea and its treatment effect continued even after discontinuing the intervention in the third cycle. Therefore, considering that reflexology is a non-invasive, easy and cheap technique, it seems that it can replace anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to avoid their adverse side effects.’

‘Analysis of variance for repeated measures demonstrated a significantly greater decrease in premenstrual symptoms for the women given true reflexology treatment than for the women in the placebo group.’

Committed To Planet Earth

Sole n Soul is Committed To Planet Earth.


What exactly does this mean to you?


When I started Sole n Soul I was adamant I wanted to create a company that had limited impact on our beautiful planet.


When you visit Sole n Soul I make a promise to you and also the planet that I will always purchase (where possible) reusable/recyclable materials.  This ensures that your carbon footprint stays as low as possible whilst you are having your relaxation time.


This commitment is for all products used by Sole n Soul, I use refill stations for fabric softener, eco egg balls in my washing machine and even the tubs your wonderful Reflexology Balms come in are 100% compostable.


My energy supplier also provides me 100% renewable electricity so even when you are warm and toasty on the treatment bed, this is also being heated with as little destruction to the plant as possible.


I hope this makes you feel even better whilst you relax and enjoy your treatments.

 was something that was so important to me and I hope is important to you too.


There is no PLANet B xx