Modern Reflexology is based on an ancient therapy and dates right back to Egyptian times, with the oldest evidence being found on a tomb in Egypt dated around 2330BC.  The tomb was of Ankhmahor, a physician, and the hieroglyphics read ‘please do not hurt me’ and the reply is ‘I shall act so you praise me’.

The Native Americans have used a form of foot therapy for years, they believe it helps their physical, emotional and spirtual wellbeing.

There are also Reflexology symbols recorded on the feet of Buddha statues in India and then later when the Buddhist monks migrated to China/Japan symbols are also recorded there.

Reflexology was modernised by a physiotherapist called Eunice Ingram who had been introduced to ‘zone therapy’ by a Dr Riley.  The foot maps which Reflexologists work with today were devised by Eunice, so thank you Eunice for your outstanding research and hard work.

In England, Reflexology was introduced by Doreen Bailey, a former student of Eunice’s, who brought Reflexology to the Complementary Health Sector in the UK.  Doreen set up the first Reflexology school in the UK and Eunice’s nephew now continues her work.

Many medical trials have been and are now being carried out, showing time and time again that Reflexology is most definitely more than ‘just a foot rub.’  I try to post as many articles as possible on my Facebook page so please do like my page, if you would like to stay updated.


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